The name of this organization shall be Woodcroft Women’s Club, hereafter referred to as “the Club.”


The Club shall be a not-for-profit organization directed toward community fellowship and the general welfare and interest of the Woodcroft Community and Durham County.


Section 1:   Membership shall be open to all adult females who have paid their dues and completed the membership form.

Section 2:   Any adult female may attend up to two (2) General or special interest group meetings before obtaining membership.

Section 3:   All members are entitled to voting privileges, with the exception of the presiding officer. The presiding officer may vote to break a tie.

Section 4:   All memberships are non-transferable and non refundable.

Section 5:   The presiding Board of Officers shall set the annual dues, payable by the prospective member. The active membership shall be for one (1) Club year, renewable at expiration.

Section 6:   Annual dues are paid at the first meeting of the Club year. New members joining midway through the Club year shall pay half price.


Section 1:   The Club year shall run from September through August. General meetings are held on the fourth (4th) Monday of each month, September through April; the May meeting shall be held on the third Monday. There are no General Meetings in December, June, July, and August.

Section 2:   Attendees at General meetings are limited to adult females only.

Section 3:   Solicitation unrelated to Club business is prohibited at the General Meeting.

Section 4:   The General Meeting in May shall be for the purpose of the installation of officers for the next year, the distribution of donations to selected charitable organizations, and other business as necessary.

Section 5:   Business that requires a vote at a monthly General Meeting shall be decided by a majority vote of members present.

Section 6:   The Board of Officers shall meet throughout the calendar year in order to provide oversight of Club finances, including a review of the monthly bank statements and to plan, organize, and direct the Club activities.

Section 7:   The June meeting of the Board of Officers shall include outgoing and incoming officers for the purpose of transferring information and documents to the incoming officers.


Section 1:   Officers shall consist of President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Secretary. The Board of Officers shall consist of the aforementioned officers and the Past President.

Section 2:   President shall preside at all General and Board meetings of the Club, exercise general supervision over all affairs, promote special interest groups, and solicit volunteers to serve in support and fundraising chair positions as needed. The new President and the Treasurer shall change the WWC bank account to reflect the name of the new President.

Section 3:   Vice President shall be responsible for programs or speakers at General meetings. In the absence of the President she shall serve in her place.

Section 4:   Recording Secretary shall take minutes of all General meetings and Board meetings of the Club and see to the preservation of those and all other Club records for continuity. She shall handle written correspondence as requested by the Board. In the absence of the President, Vice President, Past President, Treasurer, and Membership Secretary, she shall conduct the meeting at hand.

Section 5:   Treasurer shall receive all funds, including dues from the Membership Secretary, pay all bills, sign all checks, keep an updated record of all transactions, and present the current month’s bank statement at each Board meeting. In emergencies, the President may sign checks but must notify the Treasurer at the first opportunity. At each Board and General meeting, the Treasurer shall report the previous month’s bank balance and the current balance, reporting income and expense items. The new Treasurer and the President shall change the WWC bank account to reflect the name of the new Treasurer. In the absence of the President, Vice President, and Past President, she shall conduct the meeting at hand.

Section 6:   Membership Secretary shall distribute and collect membership forms, maintain a membership roll, make this roll available to all members, furnish name tags for members and guests at meetings, and direct various membership drive efforts. In the absence of the President, Vice President, Past President, and Treasurer, she shall conduct the meeting at hand.

Section 7:   Past President shall advise the Board of Officers regarding Club business and promote continuity from year-to-year. In the absence of both the President and Vice President, she shall conduct the meeting at hand.

Section 8:   In the event of a vacancy of any office on the Board of Officers, the remaining officers shall appoint a Club member to fill that vacancy and perform all duties of that office until the next Annual General Meeting. In the event of a vacancy of the Past President, the position shall be offered to members that have previously served as president. If no former president is available the seat shall remain vacant.

Section 9:   The holder of each office shall safeguard accounts, addresses, logins, passwords and pins needed to perform her duties.

Section 10:   Any officer may ask other members to volunteer to assist her in fulfilling her duties.

Section 11:   The Board of Officers shall have a discretionary fund, limited to $500 that it may disperse without prior approval of the membership.

Section 12:   The Board of Officers shall be responsible for creating a yearly budget at the beginning of the Club year, overseeing income and expenses, and compiling a closing statement at Club year-end that shall be provided to the incoming Board of Officers. The closing statement shall include a fiscal update along with any outstanding business.

Section 13:   The Club shall maintain a minimum balance of $1,000 in the treasury.


Section 1:   The Board of Officers shall send an email to the membership before the February General meeting soliciting nominees for all officer positions with the exception of Past President.

Section 2:   At the February General Meeting nominations from the floor will be taken.

Section 3:   After the February meeting, if any positions remain open, the Board shall create a nominating committee.

Section 4:   At the March General Meeting, a slate of candidates shall be presented. This slate shall be published in the April Newsletter.

Section 5:   Each candidate shall have granted willingness to serve in the office. Elections shall be held during the April meeting. If there is only one candidate for the office, a majority voice vote elects. If there are two (2) or more candidates for an office, elections shall be by ballot.

Section 6:   The term of office shall be one (1) Club year. An officer shall be eligible for reelection.

Section 7:   If the Past President has served a one (1) year term this office can be offered as an open position, but with the requirement that the candidate has previously served as President of the Club.

Section 8:   Installation shall be at the May meeting.


Section 1:   Support positions for the next year shall be decided on and confirmed by the Board prior to the August Board Meeting. These may include positions such as Publicity Chair, Newsletter Editor, Photo Coordinator, and Webmistress.

Section 2:   The holder of each Support Position shall, if deemed necessary by the Board, keep a record of the timeline of events, the sources used, materials and items needed, contacts, references, notes, and the procedures followed. This includes safeguarding any addresses, logins, passwords and pins needed to perform their duties. This information shall be submitted to the Recording Secretary who will make it available to the next holder of that same position.


Section 1:   Special interests shall be encouraged and supported by the Club with the purpose of socializing with members holding like interests. Examples of such interests include gardening and crafting.

Section 2:   Each interest group shall be responsible for coordinating all of its activities.

Section 3:   Each interest group leader shall advise the Newsletter Editor and Webmistress of upcoming activities and dates.

Section 4:   Participation in interest groups is limited to members of the Club. (Reference Article III, Section 2.) The hostess of a specific group event must accommodate interested Club members before allowing other guests to attend.


Section 1: The Club shall provide support for community-based charitable organizations by:

A.  holding fund-raising events,

B. donating time or materials,

C. collaborating with organizations to co-sponsor events.

Section 2:   Each fundraising committee shall be responsible for coordinating all activities within the committee.

Section 3:   Each fundraising committee shall present a budget of operating expenses to the Board of Officers prior to dispersal of funds during the Club year. This amount is to be approved by the Board of Officers. The receipts incurred by each fund-raising committee must be submitted to the Treasurer no later than the month after the month they were incurred for budget reconciliation.

Section 4:   Participation in fundraising committees is limited to members of the Club. Participation by friends and family of Club members is welcomed in the actual fund-raiser events.

Section 5:   Each Fundraising Chair shall keep a record of the timeline of events, the sources used, materials and items needed, contacts, references, notes and the procedures followed. This information shall be submitted to the President no later than the Annual General Meeting in May. This information will be given to the next holder of that same position or archived.

Section 6:   Recipients of charitable donations shall be selected annually. The selection process shall begin in March when the Board of Officers solicits suggestions of names from the membership of community- based charitable organizations. Based on the balance of funds in the treasury, the Board shall determine how many recipients can be supported with equal distribution of monies. A ballot of no more than ten (10) organizations will be presented to the membership for a vote at the April General Meeting. Each member will vote for only the number of recipients that can be supported for that year.

Section 7:   Representatives of the recipient organizations shall be invited to attend the May General Meeting where checks shall be presented to the representatives. Attendance by the recipient organization is optional. In the event a representative is unable to attend the meeting, the Treasurer shall mail the donation to the recipient organization.

Last Updated March 2015