PAY IT FORWARD by helping to take care of our planet for the next generations and keeping as much out of the landfills as possible.

Deane P is working hard to assist us in finding a place for items that can't go in our curbside recycle bin.  She will help you research a way to keep it out of the landfill.

She has also found several places already:

KRAMDEN INSTITUTE, 4915 Prospectus Drive, Durham (near Alston Avenue and Sedwick)

They refurbish computers/laptops (and remove any personal information in this process) in order to provide computers to needy children in North Carolina through the schools.  It is a father/son project and since 2003, they have given over 28,000 computers. 

SHIMAR Recycling, 938 Harvest Street, Durham

Can recycle block Styrofoam.  Deane will be collecting Styrofoam to take to Shimar Recycling.  They charge $5 to recycle a huge bin full of block Styrofoam, so help Deane fill that bin and give her a call and she will come and pick it up for you and get it recycled.

FOSS METAL RECYCLING, 1915 Riddle Road, Durham

Will take small broken appliances that can't be given to a thrift store.

SCRAP EXCHANGE - they can take many items that cannot be recycled but are very useful for teachers, crafters, and others for arts and crafts projects.  You can see their list on their website.  Amy B also has contacts and goes to the Scrap Exchange as well.