August 15, 16, and 17, 2022
The Woodcroft Women's Club  was approached by Urban Ministries of Durham
to assist in their August 2022 Food Drive and we agreed to help. 
Following is a list of items in highest need which are
 Unexpired  and shelf-stable
Peanut Butter  *  Canned Meat  *  Chili  *  Pasta
Pasta Sauce  *  Tuna  *  Beans (kidney, pork, pinto)
Canned Peas / Green Beans  *  Canned Spinach  *  Canned Mixed Vegetables
Canned Corn  *  Canned fruit  *  Canned Pasta (Ravioli)
Canned or Boxed Soup  *  Meal Kits (Mac & Cheese)
Boxed Cereal  *  Oatmeal  *  Grits

Refer to the newsletter for details on the WWC drop-off location.

Downloadable flyer from Urban Ministries:  UrbanMinistries_SummerFood_Drive-0722.pdf

The food bank lists their most needed items as canned fruits and vegetables, canned meat, canned beans and soup, cereal, whole grain pasta and rice, and peanut butter.  They also accept household cleaning items and paper products, and hygiene items.


* No glass containers

* No expired items - thanks for checking the expiration dates before donating

See your email for drop-off information and details.