We are on  Break!! 

(but we'll be back very soon)


 Congratulations and THANK YOU to all the members who made the 2017-2018 Woodcroft Women’s Club Year so successful.  We had a lot of laughs this past year plus did a lot of good raising over $4,000.00 for local charities. 
Our theme of Pay It Forward certainly was brought to life. 

There are still several groups that continue in some form during the summer so take advantage of them as well.
Some of them are Adopt-a-Trail, Book Club, Book Study, and Games & Giggles.  

Hope you all have a very happy and enjoyable summer and C U soon.

 Our next General Meeting is September 24, 2018 at 7:00 P.M.

Woodcroft Professional Building
5501 Fortunes Ridge Dr, Suite K
Durham, NC 27713

Our theme this past year was: PAY IT FORWARD

  Come join us for our General Meeting at "Sweet Kay."  



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