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Event/project (Include a detailed description of this event/project.): 


 Name for Fundraiser:

 Charity to receive funds (must be one selected by the club):

 Charge for event:

 Members working on fundraiser:


 Anticipated Cost (broken down as much as possible--decorations, food, drink, supplies, venue cost, etc.):

 Estimate of the amount of funds that will be raised by this fundraiser:

 Proposed date of event:

 Proposed location of event:

 Number of people allowed in proposed location:

 Number of people you expect to participate in event:

 If food and/or alcohol is to be served, what is location’s policy, i.e., their employees must serve, they must bring in food/alcohol, etc.:

 Although not necessary, do you see a way to include individuals who are not members of the club to participate in the fundraiser:

 How do you plan on advertising this event to those outside of the club:

 Who will handle the monies taken in at the event:

 Who will see that funds are distributed to the designated charity:

 Approved by Board on:  (any changes after approval should be reported to the Board asap)

 Submit this completed form to Lori M, head of the Ways & Means Committee.

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