The Gourmet Group meets once per month to celebrate good food and friendship. We enjoy potlucks in member homes, wine-tastings, dining at local restaurants, cooking classes, and other food-related activities. Some of our meetings will include spouses or significant others while other times it is just for WWC members.

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The WWC 2018 Annual Winter Soup event will be on Saturday January 13 at 6:00 at the home of Lynne J. As Lynne's space is limited, we must limit the guests to 17 (Gourmet members and significant others). We ask that most of you bring a winter soup to share. We need two people to bring salad and two to bring an easily eaten dessert (cookies, brownies, bars, etc.)  Please also bring a serving spoon or ladle for your soup and your own adult beverage, if you want one. (Also OK to share these.)  Lynne will have bread, soft drinks, water & coffee.  Please RSVP to Cathy S or Lynne J stating what you will bring (soup, salad or dessert).  Gourmet has grown greatly this year.  We do not want to leave anyone out of our events.  In keeping with this, two gracious members have agreed to host adjunct soup nights if our numbers exceed capacity.  Please respond by January 5 so we will have ample time to determine our needs.  If two—or more— homes are needed, attendees will be notified where they will be feasting!  
As this is a popular event, if your or your significant other's plans change after you RSVP, please let us know. We will likely have someone on a waiting list who can take your (or your significant other's) place. 

For 2018, dates & times TBD.


• February:  A new event, appetizer and dessert night hosted by Ellie M.  Celebrate Valentine’s Day and indulge in everything chocolate and more!


• March will feature Salad Night, hosted by Carol F.  


• April and May:  Restaurant events.