Everything you always wanted to know about Tech but were afraid to ask. 

As we are living in a technical world, let’s explore it together. Do you have questions?  Do you want to understand concepts in the news? Then come join our new Tech Talk group. 

We will meet monthly to learn some techie stuff that might be baffling or of general interest. 

Due to weather!

The below program will be rescheduled for sometime in January.

Sally's husband, Rob S, has graciously volunteered to do our December Tech Talk on December 10, 2018 from 7:00 - 8:30 PM.  People who wish to bring their devices or laptops are welcome and he will assist however he can. He will cover "Choosing a good password."  Do you have a hard time picking a strong password, or remembering which password you use for different sites? I'll show you how to choose an easy to remember, super strong password, and you won’t even need to write it down. Furthermore, you can use a different password for every site, while using the same password. What? That doesn’t even make sense. It will… and it’s easy!  Another subject to be covered is "Cloud Storage."  What is it?  Why would I want to use it? We’ll discuss cloud storage, focusing on the free Google Drive product, and I’ll show how you can access it using your PC, your Mac, or even your phone!

The presentation will be done at the Durham Fonville-Morisey training facility, 6905 Fayetteville Road (located in the shopping plaza across from Southpoint Mall).  The training center is above Los Treyes Restaurant.  Accessed from lower parking lot via stairs or by elevator which is located at the far right building near Lee Spa Nails. 

Handouts from the meetings: 


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