Triangle Ecycling collects, recycles, and refurbishes computers and other electronics. They offer guaranteed data destruction for all hard drives so you know that your data is disposed of securely. Refurbished computers are donated to Durham nonprofits, and used for computer tech education in Triangle Ecycling’s E-Scholars internship program. Nonprofit partners include Families Moving Forward, Life Skills Foundation, the Salvation Army, and more. Refurbished computers are also sold locally with 10% of profits donated to the Durham Public Schools Foundation to support innovation and equity in the school system. Visit their online VIP Store for the latest local deals.  Triangle Ecycling is located at 2717 Western Bypass, Durham, NC and is open weekdays 9:30 – 5:00.

Caroline D signed up for a recycling program and will be happy to collect Wellness Pet Food bags from club members.  For more info see:  https://www.terracycle.com/en-US/brigades/wellnesspetfood#

PAY   IT  FORWARD –  taking care of our planet for the next generations by keeping as much out of the landfills as possible.

Deane P is researching and finding places for all of your unwanted items that:  

  1. cannot be recycled in your curbside bin,
  2. cannot be donated to a thrift store (Durham Rescue Mission, GFC, Pennies for Change etc)
  3. cannot be donated to a reuse/repurpose store. ( Scrap Exchange, Habitat for Humanity Restore)

 This segment of our website has lots of helpful information and will be updated at intervals.

Unsure of what to do with an item – large or small??  please contact Deane for assistance.  If she doesn’t know, she will do research and find the best way to handle the item in an environmentally responsible way. 



(from plasticfilmrecycling.org)

 Other soft plastics –(need to be clean & dry) that can be placed in with these bags are:  newspaper sleeves, dry cleaning bags, bread/bagel etc bags, produce bags, product over-wrap on paper towels-toilet paper-napkins-diapers etc.,  bubble wrap, packing air pillows punctured to let air out,  plastic retail bags – remove plastic handle & strings,  clean dry food storage like sandwich baggies,  cereal box liner if doesn’t tear like paper,  Ice bag – remove metal closure,  #2 & #4 bags like heavier bird seed bags,  plastic wrap-around on new furniture,  and any other soft plastic similar to those listed here. 

 BATTERIES -  recycled by  Batteries Plus and Lowe’s - including common, rechargeable, vehicle, camcorder, cell phone and more.  Call or check their websites for more detailed information.  

 LIGHT BULBS -   Lowes, Home Depot, Batteries Plus – refer to their websites for more information.

 INK CARTRIDGES -  Cartridge World in Homestead Shopping Center

 PLASTIC PLANT POTS, TRAYS, TAGS -    Lowes Garden Center


 Kramden Institute – 919 688 6960  4915 Prospectus Dr.

Durham.  Off Sedwick and Alston.  They refurbish computers to be given to needy students.  Gave over 4000 to children in 2017.  No printers.

Take  any Apple products.Refer to their  website for more information.

Best  Buy – take all kinds of used tech/e-waste regardless of where you purchased it or how old it is.  May have to pay for recycling of a few items like monitors. (that’s why & how I found Kramden Institute)

 STYROFOAM  (usually #6) – Block Styrofoam   Shimar Recycling,  938 Harvest St Durham    Pay $5 for a huge bin full.  

Clean white Styrofoam pieces – Anything with a Plug Recycling – Raleigh.  Refer to their website.

Packaging  peanuts – not recyclable so best to keep for packaging or offer to packaging stores.

 SMALL OR LARGE APPLIANCES & OTHER ITEMS WITH A PLUG - plus much more -   such as glass, bikes, plastic toys, plastic or metal lawn or office furniture, lawn equipment, car seats.   Anything with a Plug Recycling – Raleigh.  Refer to their website for more information.


 SCRAP  EXCHANGE – In Lakewood Shopping Center. 

They take many items that cannot be recycled but are very useful for teachers, crafters and others for arts and craft projects. 

They now have a Thrift Shop so you can make one stop.

Refer to their website for a long list of items to keep out of the landfills that they gladly repurpose. 

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY RESTORE –gently used furniture, building materials, cabinets, appliances less than 10 years old, electronics in working condition and much more.  They will pick up large items.  Refer to their website for information about more items and pick up policy.