Scrap Craft is a group which reduces, reuses & recycles (also called "upcycling") through crafting.  The primary focus will be making beautiful and/or functional items out of things most people discard such as this Microwave Bowl Cozy. This has several positive outcomes; making beautiful and/or useful items, keeping items out of the landfill, being economical, and hopefully making people smile in wonder.  

 To contact interest group leader, click on Contacts above and look for Scrap Craft under Group Chairs.

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In November and December, we will be working on "Homemade Holidays" and all of the meetings will be held at Amy B.'s house.

Evening group:  November 7 and December 5 from 7 to 9pm.

Day group:  November 9 and December 7 from 10am -12 noon.

Projects will include holiday napkin ring holders, decorations, gift card & money holders, a few gift possibilities AND information on how to make Amy's Super Secret Fantastic Scrap Flowers.  Attendees will be sworn to secrecy regarding how to make these flowers!